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Standard Features

Discover all the attractive elements of interactive sites as a forum or blog, with full search capabilities and navigation assistance through breadcrumb or sitemap.

Style and design

Our achievements are the subject of special attention in the areas of style and design to ensure a consistent display in the browser jungle and on any screen size.

We work with you throughout the development of the graphic chart, exclusively genuine, and the visual composition to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Everything comes to life with the addition of subtle fade effects and transitions, which guarantee a full of elegance and captivating finish.

Content Management

All modern site must deliver content in perpetual re-enactment, which is why we provide you with the administrative tools needed to update your site, through rich editors directly integrated into the site.

Intelligent management of users provides extensive control over access to various sections and resources, maintaining the level of privacy and security of your wishes.


We take pride in using the latest technology offered by modern standards, such as selective and dynamic loading with AJAX, and work intensively on optimizing for search engines, in order to maximize the visibility of your site.

Advanced features

In addition to the above, we propose to differentiate your site by adding marketing tools, such as a mailinglists manager, as e-mail or sms, online payment solutions with Paypal, or geolocation with custom and revisited Google Maps

Desktop Apps

Native Integration

Untie yourself from the cramped environment of the browser by taking advantage of all resources and all the computing power that your machine has to offer. Enjoy a modeling at the forefront of object-oriented programming and a uniform deployment on Windows, MacOS or Linux, in full integration and consistency with your graphical environment


Whether for desktop or mobile applications, we offer you our deep knowledge of Java and associated technologies such as Java ME or Android SDK. Microsoft Office environments are also showing, through our VBScript specialist. Finally, our experience with Bluetooth technology will give you a full appreciation of the diversity of our assets.

Mobile Apps

Mobile platforms

Touch interfaces, accelerometers and GPS sensors are part of today's standard on mobile devices. Associated with offline storage, they allow us to provide you powerful embedded applications


Leverage our expertise in office, including Microsoft Excel, in the ubiquitous XML format and its derivative technologies, or in HTML5 and CSS3 for cutting edge sites. Our extensive knowledge of MySQL guarantees a perfect modeling and optimal interactions in speed and data volume.

Finally, our experience of over 5 years in the field of graphical representation of data will surely make you see in us an indispensable partner

Main Features


Through our activities in banking and finance, we have developed a sense of security and confidentiality. We implement, as appropriate, access control by passwords, are securing communication lines by recognized encryption protocols, and identify and trace user activity.

In addition, to fight caching and leave no trace, we can go up to a policy of single use addresses.

Advanced technics

High demands? Advanced computing and experimental? Our knowledge in the areas of digital imaging (object recognition, motion detection, …), signal processing, and heuristic algorithms (ant algorithms, neural networks, genetic algorithms, …) offer us a variety of powerful tools to face problems of great complexity.

In addition, constraints such as communications costs have already led to create custom protocols, minimalist and efficient

Advanced functions

Want to go beyond the device? Follow the geographical progression of your team and take action through the GPS services (TomTom WEBFLEET / Smartphones), Build customer loyalty and secure your access by sending SMS, identify, code, and scan your products using the barcode and late QR codes.


An international product must be in each targeted languages. To this end, we have our own internationalization tools, which offer great simplicity and ease of use. Your application is available in the languages ​​of your requirements with ease.

Quality Control

Guarantee of performance is a vital point in the lifecycle of a project. That's why your application may be accompanied by batteries of unit and functional tests, that our team places in a continuous integration process, to ensure a reliable and steady progression.


Protocols for data exchange are part of everyday life. Be it to connect your project to mailboxes, store and share files, or simply transfer structured data, our knowledge of IMAP, FTP and XML formats are there to meet your needs.

Business Analyzis

Every project starts by the analysis of your needs, a phase at which obsticles to a good flow of your process are quickly spotted. Through our rigourous modeling and analysis work, we streamline your workflow by optimizing your processes, enriching them with advenced features such as the generation of periodic reports (PDF, DOC, XLS, ODT, …), that give you a continuous perspective on the evolution of your business.

Social Networks

Social networks have become an important part in spreading the information. Thus, we link your projects with your accounts on the most famous networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, …

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